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Developers Post #8: Best Garden Beta

It's been a while, hasn't it?

Due to focusing on the development of Best Garden I've not really been able to push out any updates apart from those over on my twitter.

Current State of Best Garden:

As you may have seen Best Garden is now out in an open beta and is currently at $2 for the duration of the beta. Once the game is fully released the price will go up to $4 which will include any future updates (content or otherwise).

I know there's still a bit more work that needs doing in the realms of adding more features to do with gameplay along with more polish to the game itself.

What's next:

For Best Garden things there are many things that need updating/adding etc to make it better:

  • Updating the music to fit the game better.
  • Toning down the particle effect size.
  • Updating base graphics.
  • Add favourite types of flowers etc to each garden.
  • Balance out the game in regards to unlockables etc.
  • Add credits.

All of this will be happening over the next month, along with the reboot in the development of A Way Home. The core gameplay of A Way Home has been completed for a while it's now down to making the content behind it along with the following:

  • Update the project to Unity 2017.1.
  • Implement Cinemachine as the camera system.
  • Rewrite the story.
  • Rework all the models.

They will probably take a little while to do because I need to learn more about modeling and spending more time on it as well.

I'll try to keep up with the weekly posting, but in between project work and life I can't say for certain.

As always have a good week.

~ Luke.