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Developers Post #7: The content of Best Garden

Welcome to the 7th Developers Post, it's been a little while since I wrote a developers post hasn't it? Well I've been a bit busy working getting content made for my small project Best Garden.

As you will know from the post-mortem I posted when I'd completed the prototype, I was going to make it into a full game. So I decided to get right on with it while I still had it in my head.

The way things are at the moment I'm currently a week a head and up to adding new content to the game, along with changing the initial content.

New Rounded Edges

A Selection of Flowers


The game now has three difficulty modes, it will have smoother graphics along with a redesigned UI. There are a few other features that I'm toying with putting in depending on how development goes.

But all in all, so far so good. Development is going really well and I'm looking at a release with the next 2 months, which I know seems like I maybe pushing it but considering what I have left to do before bug fixing and balancing it's not that much.

So, look out for more Best Garden coming your way over the next few months.