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Developers Post #6: A taste of things to come.

Welcome to the 6th developers post, this week has probably been my most productive week in a while. Between finishing the rigging of Eva, animating her and making sure that she's controllable in Unity I've also managed to start one getting down some bits of environmental modeling done along with a few other bits and bobs.

The first and probably the best thing that I've accomplished this week is getting A Way Home running on an Xbox One.

Yeah, I'm pretty happy with that on it's own really.

The way I managed this was by setting up the Developer Mode on the Xbox One and then linking it with with my development PC, it took a few tries to do due to code timeouts etc. But after that the game generally worked, it still needs so bug fixing i.e due to the custom inputs I currently have some controls didn't work.

But that should be a relatively easy fix anyway considering I'm going to be moving over to something like rewired.

Secondly I managed to get the rigging and animating completed for Evangeline, the only playable character in A Way Home.

One of the things I realised in the process of doing these was that I really need to get some good modeling habits, such as using reference sheets and making sure everything is correct.

I feel that Eva seems to be a bit out of proportion especially with regards to arm length and general head to body ratio.

But maybe that's just me.

The third thing is getting Eva into the game itself, which didn't take as long as I thought. But it came to point out that my animating skills need a lot of work, since there's now the issue of Eva now looking like she's climbing some invisible stairs and falling to the ground when she stops.

But that's an easy enough fix to be honest, since I'm going to be remodeling Eva when I do the rest of the modeling.

The above image shows a small glimpse of what the game will look like i.e 3rd person, toon like shading etc.

Obviously the models, UI and everything will be better but you get where I'm coming from.

Finally this is pretty small but very significant in how I'll be modeling things like the ruins and some of the puzzle objects.

Now they may not look like much but from reading the comments from the tweet below I stumbled upon a technique for modeling rocks.

This technique is what I'll be using to make the ruins look more like ruins, along with trying out some fun things to go in the world of A Way Home.

Since we're coming to the end of the blog post I want to try something a bit different. Now in my old Developers Post entries (before I moved everything over) I did a song of the week which was basically the song I'd go most attached to while working during the previous week. This time around I was to try 'Tweet of the Week'.

This will be a single tweet (in or out of context) that I've found entertaining, learnt something from or just generally wanted to share.

So to start things off I'm going with something I think the UK may have done this weekend.

With that have a glorious week everyone!

~ Luke