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Developers Post #5: Much Demotivation

Welcome to the 5th Developers Post, this week I've felt particularly demotivated with just everything so I haven't really managed to get much done in the way of game development. I think the main reason for my demotivation is mainly due to what's been going on in the UK along with the fact that I've had to re-evaluate and subsequently make enact plans to move abroad.

So yeah things have and are getting pretty stressful.

Even though I've been feeling pretty meh, I've managed to make some more progress on rigging. I know I said that I'd have a gameplay video out this weekend but E3 is happening so it would probably be a pretty poor marketing move. That being said I'm going to wait until everything from E3 is settled and then put a gameplay video out.

The extra few weeks will also give me a few an extra week or so to make a few tweaks here and there.

So yeah, that's really all I've got this week. Hopefully next week I'll at least have some more images, maybe even a video or two.