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Developers Post #4: R 'n' R

Welcome to the 4th Developers Post, this week has mainly been filled with rest and relaxation (if you couldn't tell by the title) with a little bit of game development here and there. I decided that I should take a break from coding and generally going all in on game dev because I felt that I needed to come back to everything with a fresh mind.

So, I'd spent just under half of the week re-watching a few anime series' one that inspired a key part to the A Way Home lore and another that's inspired what is looking to be my most ambitious project ever, but no-one will see anything on that for a few years yet.

I find it amazing really, that things I watched years ago still inspire me to this day. It's the same with music really, there are a fair few songs that inspire me with new worlds, new ways to tell my own stories and even inspire me to learn new things.

If you find yourself inspired by something no matter what it is, follow it. You never know where it might take you.

One of the small things I did manage to do in regards to game development was starting the rigging for Eva, I'd managed to get the IK leg controls done and working really well, much better than the original especially since the movement also includes the dress rather than it being independent of the main body.

I need to do the actual controllable objects for it along with completing the arms, hands and fingers. But all in all considering my general modeling and animating skills are really bad I think I'm actually doing pretty well.

Though the later half of the week I spent looking after my parents dogs, which helped a lot in reducing the amount of stress that I'd built up whilst working on A Way Home. It was nice and relaxing really, though in the near future I would like to get a dog or two of my own. Though that'll depend on what I decide to do over the next few years.

Any how, that's it from me for this week, I'm going to be diving right back into the development of A Way Home in the hopes that I can get some early gameplay footage made up for next weekend. Have a great week.

~ Luke.