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Developers Post #3: Modeling and Rigging

Welcome to the 3rd Developers Post.

This week I've finished modeling and texturing Evangeline, along with making a start on rigging her. It's not really the best, but for my skill level I feel it's actually pretty good.

In Blender

Textured in Unity

Unity Preview

I'm kind of tempted to remodel again but I think that I need to work on all the other modeling bits before I decide if I want to model Eva again. I'd started rigging yesterday and to be fair it turned out pretty well, I just need to finish rigging the controls then it'll be on animating.

Animating is something I'm not really looking forward to, because I genuinely bad at it.

But there's no harm in trying.

Blender Pose Preview

Since I'm off this week I'm going to do a lot more game dev related development my plan is to get a good chunk of the story completed along with getting the main animations completed.

After that, well I'm not sure really, I have a few coding things that will need to be done, implementing the player manager along with revamping the movement script.

So, for now that's all. Hopefully in the next few weeks I'll have more to talk about and maybe some gameplay footage.

Have a good week everyone.