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Developers Post #2: A week of little progress.

Welcome to the 2nd week of the Developers Post.

This week as the title says has been a week of very little progress in regards to my own projects, at least with what I can show. This is because I've mainly been working on the first draft of the story along with reworking how the progression system works.

Originally with the progression system I'd designed it like this:

As you can see all the points branch out and then back in again at the end with each round through the world being a different route. It started out pretty feasible to do, but I found in testing it the linear progression just took too long and was a tad repetitive.

So this is the new way that that I've thought up which allows for more flexibility:

This layout also allows for more routes to be designed (potentially including hidden ones) along with opening up more flexibility in cutscenes etc.

Well that's all for now, like the title says it's been a week of little progress.

I'll have another post out on Sunday.