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Developers Post #1: Starting Over

It's a bit late and there's been some major changes, but welcome to the Developers Post, as you may have noticed I have a new site which I set up this week. It was a somewhat difficult decision to make because of the old posts I had on my Square Space account, which included a fair few tutorials along with details on my own projects.

It will take a while to build all this back up but I think that this is a better and more cost effective platform to blog on and provide information on. I also have a few things that I'm planning that will make use of the less restrictive hosting that I'm on, so look out for that in the future.

On to what I've been doing this week...

Well if I'm honest I've mainly been doing story writing for A Way Home, which I have to admit is taking more of an emotional toll on me than I thought it would and I haven't even hit the worst part of it yet.

But that's more from seeing how I could have done things differently, though I think we all think that at some point in our lives. So, here's a small snippet from the story in A Way Home.

It was one of the things he was most proud of, but also the one he came to hate the most. To those that didn't know him it was very hurtful and put them off becoming friends with him. Thanks to that along with his own social awkwardness he found it difficult to make friends, talk to people he didn't know and express himself.

There won't be much more coming out apart from that for the moment considering I'm only halfway through it and have to revise it a few times, correcting mistakes and making sure it tells the tale correctly.

The other thing I've been working on is redesigning Evangeline the only character in A Way Home.

She's gone from this: The old model of Evangeline.

To this (Still unfinished):
The new model of Evangeline.

On of the things you may have noticed is that the dress she wears is modeled differently. This is because the original design idea I had for it was to use the cloth physics in Unity3d to basically simulate it, but that didn't work at all so I basically scrapped that idea early on...

This time around the dress is basically modeled as part of Eva and will be textured appropriately as a result.

At this point I have to say this new version wouldn't have turned out nearly as good as it has without the tutorial snippet provided by Minions Art who are currently making a very cute game called Astro Kat and I'd recommend checking out the Patreon they have going for it.

On that note I think it's time to finish this post, if you like what I put out on a weekly basis or just fancy buying me a coffee (or tea/any other drink) then click the button below, it really does help if I'm honest.

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I hope you all have a good week and I'll be back next weekend with another Developers Post.