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Developers Post #23: Refactoring the UI


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Developers Post #22: Switching and Ending

 Welcome to the 22nd Developers Post, this week has been a bit up and down with my motivation towards doing gamedev. This was mainly because I got caught in the the first of many points where I'd think to myself that my project is bad and all that stuff. I now recognise it but in the past I use to scrap some good projects because of that feeling, now I just either put the project to the side, then go off and game or something for an hour or so. Or if it's a project that I was personally excited about (like Escape From Infinity 2D) or have a very heavy emotional interest in (like A Way Home) I think back to that feeling and the reason why I started the projects.

 Wow that turned into something all in it self there...

 Outside of gamedev and like most other people I know, I got a Nintendo Switch! Along with the new Zelda game. I have to say being able to play on the Console itself and hearing about it are two completely different things, I mean from the get go I wanted this to be the first console platform I release a few of my games to. Now that I've played on it I'm set on at least releasing one game on it.

 I just haven't decided what yet.

 Back on the game dev side of things even though I haven't got as much done as I'd liked but I still managed to do a few of my self set goals. The first being getting the ending bits done for EFI2D, which includes a general report of the how each player did. Second I added some more in game UI stuff where at the start of each round there's info detailing what you have to do to win.

 In the first two images above the backgrounds are meant to have different colours based on the selected ship colour. 

 But it works which is great!

 Looking forward to the next week, I'm going to try and get back into the flow of streaming again, which should help me focus on getting my EFI2D finished and released for its deadline of 31st May 2017.

 I think that 2 months is a reasonable timeline since the main bulk of gameplay mechanics have already been implemented and the game mode, item and ship frameworks within the game itself make it easier for me to add content into the game so that would not take that long to do. I think making the background music will take the most amount of time to complete. But I also still have a few things I want to add in order to make it a better game overall.

 With that, I'm going to wrap this up with the Theme of the Week.

 This week it's another playlist of songs that I've been listening to whilst focusing on coding this is '1 Hour Of World's Most Powerful Epic Vocal Tracks | Beautifully Uplifting Mix | 2016'.

Have an awesome week everyone! Hopefully, I'll catch you in my game dev streams if not, I'll be back next Sunday with another Developers Post.

- Luke.

Developers Post 21: More UI and Controllers

Welcome to the 21st Developers Post.

 This week I have to say has been very productive in regards to both general coding and game development. It's also been a week of milestones with things now starting to take shape in regards to Escape From Infinity 2D. 

 So, first milestone for this week was getting more of the UI sorted

New game mode selection UI.

I still need to setup the selection process so if it's in two player mode each player takes turns in selecting game modes. I'm also deliberating on if I should have a short timer rather than the start button, like a 20-second time frame or something like that. Subsequently, along with this new interface, I've added support for duplicate game modes and having an unlimited amount of game modes. 

Obviously, it still needs tweaking here and there.

 Another thing that has been changed is the ship selection UI, this is still very much a work in progress as I'm still sorting out a few control issues.

 My second milestone for this week has been controller support, especially in two player mode. Now I've currently only tested this with a 360 controller and PS4 controller but they do work!

There have also been some entertaining issues with gameplay, mostly being the rotation speed of the ships being through the roof. As shown in this tweet below.

I still need to decide on what I'm going to do over the next week, if I'm honest I may do more in the gameplay UI especially with describing what to do in each game mode, along with getting the end UI sorted.

 So I think it's time to close this post off now with the Theme of the Week. This week it's a pretty heavy song which I've been listening to a lot while I've been doing off stream coding.

This is 'Silence Speaks' by 'While She Sleeps ft. Oli Sykes'

I hope you all have an awesome week and I'll be streaming on my normal times during the week (7 pm - 9 pm Monday - Wednesday and Friday) over at

- Luke.