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Developers Post #27: Trip to Donnington Castle

 Welcome to the 27th Developers Post, this week has been very productive in the development of A Way Home, though I had been feeling a bit iffy this weekend. Like generally not as cheerful etc, though I think that's down to the fact that I'm getting into the story part of A Way Home which is pulling on my own memories of the past 6 years or so for it.

So yeah, it's going to be a bit difficult...

 On to what I've been doing this week for A Way Home. I've managed to get the all the core parts completed, they are things like, the puzzle system, main gameplay and the progression system. One thing, I will say is that coding everything so it just slots together in both a test environment and main environment is the way forward! Especially if you're doing a fairly linear game.

 My main thing that I'd been doing this week, or more specifically this weekend is going off on a trip to Donnington Castle, this was for getting reference images on the architecture that I want to use for the ruins in A Way Home. 

 Since it was a lovely day I thought why not!

I plan over the next few months to take trips to different places around the south of the UK (since my little car can't handle longer trips) to get some more architecture shots before I start modelling the ruins used in the world for A Way Home.

That's only if it's sunny like it has been this weekend.

With that I think it's time to wrap this up with the theme of the week.

This week's theme is a song I've recently rediscovered after listening to it last year and it is 'Revolution Deathsquad' by DragonForce.

Have an awesome week everyone and I'll be back next Sunday with another developers post.

- Luke.