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Developers Post #26: Heaps of progress!

 Welcome to the 26th Developers Post, this has been a pretty good week when it comes down to everything for me really. I've changed up my coding schedule to alternate between both A Way Home and Escape From Infinity 2D every two weeks, this is mainly so I don't get burnt out solidly working on one project in my spare time. 

 So this week has been ploughing forward with the two of three main features for A Way Home. The first being the story feature (Yes, that's a feature of A Way Home) especially working out how I can tell the story, which was pretty difficult in itself. The second was the "puzzle framework" which is essentially a base in which all the puzzles spawn from, even though they look really different and work in really different ways. 

As you can see from the above video it still needs tweaking and since then it has been subtly changed to have more weird and wonderful puzzles.

 But I'm not really going to go into that especially since some will give away certain secrets and easter eggs that I plan on including into the game.

 Another thing that I've done where it comes to A Way Home is testing out my Narration, because yes I'm personally doing the story narration to this. Being honest doing the Narration is a very big leap for myself since I'm generally a quiet person and I'm not a fan of putting my voice to things really.

 But A Way Home, as a project, is from my own heart. So it seems fitting to tell my own story.

With all of that, I think it's time to wrap this up with the theme of the week. I say theme, it's actually a live stream for Chillstep and Melodic Dubstep, which has helped me focus a lot on my work this week.

Have an awesome week everyone, I'll be back next weekend.

Just remember it will always get better, only if you make it so.

- Luke.