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Announcement: Particle Extender for Unity3d

 From grass and other foliage to simple or complicated parallax backgrounds the Particle Extender for Unity3D aims to do all that while keeping CPU usage down.

 All it uses is one script and a particle system in a GameObject!


  • Spawning particles in lines, with added distortion if needed! Very useful for things like parallax effects.
  • Spawning in a rectangular area! Brilliant for spawning over a large flat area.
  • Spawning on a mesh surface! Awesome if you only want to spawn in set areas.

It's at the fixed price of $2.50 (about £2.00 currently) and will stay at that for all of it's development regardless of what features get added to it.

If you have any questions, suggestions or comments leave them below.

I hope you all enjoy and make good use of this.