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Developers Post #24: Level and Grass Generation

Welcome to the 24th Developers Post!

 This week has been a very productive week for game development, with Escape From Infinity 2D make substantial progress, working out some visuals for A Way Home and the plan of another project currently codenamed 'Project Witch'. Outside of game development, I've been relatively busy but still had time to play more Breath of the Wild.

 In the realms of Escape From Infinity 2D, I've finally got the level generation working, along with the first part of what is going to be the scenes. These scenes allow me to have different coloured tracks along with some other bits on the visual aspect. With all that, I can now start work on adding more content to the game in the form of more ship types, engine types, contrail types and colours. 

 My other project A Way Home, as you may know, is going to be going through a major overhaul especially when it comes down to its visual style. One of the things I found with how it is currently is that things like the grass took a while to model and being honest pretty much looked substandard.

 If you follow me over on twitter then you may have noticed that I started a test of something later revealed to be grass. It came from the fact that I wanted to make A Way Home run as smoothly as possible and found that while recording I'd get framerate drops where there were loads on polygons being rendered. Even though it wasn't while the game was actively being played it made the video pretty jittery.

 As you can see the entire video is just really jittery, this was rectified noticeably on a machine with a higher powered GPU as shown below.

Even in the second video, there's still some noticeable so I've been looking into methods in which I can reduce that to near enough nothing. Since I'm changing the general visual style of the game I decided to experiment with making a new asset which I haven't properly named yet, but it can produce grass like in the images below!

 Being honest the way that the grass renders has the beginnings of the visual style I want for this, very magical kind of aesthetic.

I'm still trying to gauge how well it would sell but I'm really tempted to neaten it up a lot and sell it either on the Unity Asset Store or on since it would very much help those who'd want grass or other things that can be done even for mobile.

 Anyway it's time for me to wrap this up with the theme of the week which is 5 hours long! It's the NieR: Automata soundtrack which I've found very good this week when I've wanted to focus on my coding.

 I hope you all have a brilliant week and I'll be back next Sunday with another Developers Post.

- Luke.