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Developers Post #23: Refactoring the UI

 Welcome to the 23rd Developers Post, it's been somewhat of a busy one between work, game development and doing a few Zelda threads on twitter all for the giggles.

Over on the game development side of things I took action on refactoring the UI completely. It took a bit long than I thought it would do but I managed to get it all completed this evening. It now looks and feels much better, along with the fact that it's also much better to work with in regards to controller support.

 One of the main reasons for doing this UI refactor was because of how much I was having to force into a set space. Since before this I was working towards just doing a windowed version rather than full screen and the screen size was just not big enough for what I wanted. So I had to change the layout of all the UI and make sure that it worked on a range screen sizes.

 But thanks to that refactor I feel that I have a better UI suited for the game along with making it a bit more modular so when I decide to add more features/content after release I can do so with minimal effort.

 In other news surrounding my game development, I have a few plans that maybe going into action soon which will shape my own game development and the direction of Moongate Games UK as a whole, but I can't say anything on that for the moment. Along with that I also have some big plans for A Way Home which will be my main focus once Escape From Infinity 2D is released, which in-case you didn't know is on the 31st May 2017 so keep an ear out for that!

 I think it's time to wrap this up with the theme of the week.

 This week it's a much more dancey track mainly because I've found that coding to this is actually really fun!

This is Breathe Carolina & Swede Dreams with 'Break of Dawn'.

Anyway, have a brilliant week and I'll be back next weekend with another Developers Post.

- Luke.