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Developers Post #18: A 2D Remake

 First and foremost I must apologise for missing a Developers Post last week, game development and life caught up with me so I didn't really have the time for it.

 But I'm back this week with a new project and a relatively short blog post.

 So the "new" project is Escape From Infinity 2D, it's a top-down, 2D, infinite runner, which might I add features 2 player split-screen local multiplayer, as shown below:

 Even though it isn't shown here it will also support customisable ships. Along the vein of features, I'm debating on expanding the split-screen to four players rather than just two but I'm not too sure about that at the moment.

 In somewhat related news I have two tutorials up here, one covers an introduction to Scriptable Objects. The other tutorial covers how to do a split-screen camera setup which also covers making a small and simple camera manager that can switch between a single player camera view or a multiplayer one.

Just before I finish this I want to mention that I'll also be doing a #meetthedev at some point during the next week. #meetthedev is inspired by the recent trend of #meettheartist over on twitter, so I'm going to code a small WebGL project up for it.

Anyway it's time to wrap up with this weeks theme of the week. This week is another Funeral for a Friend tune called Serpents in Solitude there's not much to say about it really apart from the fact that it's very awesome!

So that's it for this week, have an awesome week and I'll (hopefully) put another blogpost up next weekend.

- Luke.