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Developers Post #19: Reports and Remakes

Welcome to the 19th Developers Post, this has been a week for my smaller projects. One of which is continuing from what I spoke about last week and my other project is an report generator.

 As you can see in the image above it still needs work, but the basic workflow is done I just need to tweak the report layout etc. 

Note: Any thoughts and suggestions on where to go with it would be very much appreciated.

Swipe through the above images to get a look into the report layout progress.

 In my other project Escape From Infinity 2D, I'm making some really quick progress on it, especially since I know what the flow of the game will be like. (That and the relatively simple graphics, like the ones shown below.)


 On the vein of EFI 2D, I would like to say that I have a rough timeframe that I want this to at least be released by the summer. But that will depend on a few things such as how long the game will take to polish and how long the soundtrack will take to make, which I do plan on doing myself since I know specifically what style I'm going with. 

 One thing I can announce with confidence is that EFI 2D will have customizable ships, with things like attributes and general aesthetic giving you the ship to suit you.

 Wel,l I think I'll wrap things up here for the evening, with this weeks' theme of the week.

This week is a playlist of tracks by various DnB artists which I've found have been awesome to code to.

So here it is the Drum and Bass Mix 2017:

Anyway, have a great week everyone! I'll see you all next weekend.

- Luke.