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Developers Post #16: Bots and Bloopers.

 Welcome to the 16th Developers Post so a lot has been going on this week especially with the Nintendo Switch press conference, which I was pretty impressed with even though yes it does have its faults both design wise and with the small amount of launch titles.

That's still not going to stop me from getting it though!!

A little thing that I may or may not be working on.

A little thing that I may or may not be working on.

 The above image is from a little prototype that I'm working on, I'm not going to go into many details on what it's going to be or where it will be released since it's a really, really early thing but I thought I'd at least share this image because it's too adorable not to.

 So back to what else I've done, well I've started working the gameplay aspects for A Way Home, which has actually turned out better than expected... Apart from the the fact of using a character controller with a rigid body attached makes you slide all of the place as shown in this blooper video.

 Speaking of blooper videos, I also have an entire playlist (that I'll update with more videos) entirely dedicated to my own game development bloopers and fails. This playlist and all my other game development videos can be found over on my youtube channel

 On of the things I was looking into for a little while with A Way Home was if I should make it for the Nintendo Switch. But I'm more leaning towards not releasing this on a console for the moment especially the Switch since I wouldn't be able to utilise the console to it's fullest. Where as something like my new prototype or even my first release could make good use of the JoyCons and the console itself. Though Escape From Infinity would need a complete rewrite from the ground up since I've learnt so much since I released it.

 So I think I'll wrap this up with the theme of the week. This weeks theme is a bit darker than normal mainly because this song especially the chorus resonates with me. Like a reminder that I shouldn't get pulled to far into memories of the past but also I shouldn't forget them.

This is Gravity by Hollywood Undead.

Have an awesome week everyone and I'll be back next weekend.

- Luke.