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Developers Post #2: Art, art, art.

Welcome back everyone.

 This week in general has had it's ups and downs, it's mostly been ups though to be honest. I found out that my best friend is brutal when it comes to monopoly and that outlining a scene will make your hand ache. I also started disabling some dating profiles so I'm not tempted to message people while I'm still really out of shape (I'm like really out of shape.).

DATING SITE PROTIP: Don't be disheartened when you don't get a reply, either they do a mass delete job, ignore all messages they get or you just aren't their type. Though in the case of not replying because you aren't their type that's actually kind of rude. Also be polite when writing a message to someone, it goes a long way and when replying to messages as well again be polite.)

 On to what I've been doing. Well during this week I've mainly been working on ways to go for Project Home, especially since the original mechanic I wanted to add in was causing so many issues. So after trying again and again I decided that it would be best that I take a different route which has worked out really well. Going with this route has also opened up a few other ideas that I can integrate with the to enhance the story and the feeling of the game itself.

Something new that will be in Project Home.

Something new that will be in Project Home.

If you've been keeping an eye on my twitter feed, instagram or Facebook then you would have noticed over the past few days I've been posting up a WIP from Project Home. It's going to be a piece of artwork that will be released in the near future and will also be used in the green light campaign. It is also the first part of artwork for the game itself as well as artwork for something else, but that's a secret at the moment.

 As you can see above it's coming along pretty well, but this will be the first of many works coming out of this game both before and after release.

Even in myself knowing why I'm making this game and the story of it's conception I still feel kind of at peace looking at pictures. It's the same while I'm working on it as well it has a kind of relaxing.

So it's coming up to 11pm here and I have work tomorrow so I think this is a good place to wrap things up. This weeks theme is certainly on the other end of the spectrum from Noctis last week. This one is actually a cover compilation from one of my favourite game franchises, the theme is not actually a single theme but many themes for the same character and he is Dr Robotnik from sonic.

These are the various these done in metal by Stephen Platt.

Hope you all have a good week and make sure to follow all my social media accounts (links are down below).

- Luke.