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"Changing worlds, one line of code at a time"

Developers Post #1: Introductions and beginnings.

Hello everyone,

 For those of you that don't follow @moongateuk on twitter I'm Luke, a programmer and game developer. I've been programming for about 12 years or so now, starting from when I was in school using VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) entirely self-taught and progressing to coding professionally.

 Now along with my day job of coding, I also develop games with many goals in mind. One of which is actually kind of hard yet also easy to achieve and that goal is to the moto "Changing worlds, one line of code at a time.". It's something that I hope to do with each game I release wether it's someone having there life changed by a story I've told in my games. Or inspiring someone else to start programming and developing games.

 The goals are one of the reasons I do game development specifically but another reason is that it's an emotional outlet, a for of expression and in some cases it's also therapeutic. Just as much as most artists do their work to express something, or music artists write their pieces to convey and express a feeling or emotion, even tell a story. Those are also the same reasons I do game development to convey something, a feeling, an emotion or to tell a story of something that's happened.

 These weekly posts will be a kind of diary through the development of all my projects that I do in regards to game development along with some more general day to day things sometimes. I'll be getting them out on a more or less weekly basis for you to read and follow along with. To go with each of these posts I'll be linking to different theme that I've been listening to each week while I've been working on my projects. 

 So with that said the theme for the first week is a recently revealed piece written by Yoko Shimomura and that is Noctis from Final Fantasy XV, the video below is from the live stream that was done this week. I have to say when this piece was played I was really surprised at how soft it was. 

And with that everyone, have a great week and remember to follow on the social media links at the bottom of the page.

- Luke.