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So yeah... It's been a while...

I'm sorry everyone, it's been a long time since I've done a post on here. Funnily enough between real life drama, work and project work, I haven't had that much time to write up a blog post.

So things are quiet at the moment and I'm relishing in my post Ludum Dare glory (of actually seeing a game through from start to finish.). So I've decided to sit down and give everyone an update on what's going on and what could be to come.

The Current Project

If you keep an eye on my twitter feed from time to time, you'll probably know that I'm currently working on what could be called a passion project than anything.

The game is called 'A Way Home' and with in it you follow Evangeline as she works her way around a new world following an accident.

What's to come

So currently as you can see above my main focus is and will be A Way Home since that is the project I'm currently working on. But that doesn't mean that I haven't been writing up other ideas that have been cropping into my head every now and then.

One of the ones I'm looking into is doing a project in the same universe as A Way Home maybe some form of a continuation maybe.

I also have a few other small projects that I feel would be pretty entertaining, a few already have been made in some form or another, one of my old Ludum Dare projects called 'Grav Nav' or even 'Ancient Robot Overlord Chess' which is from the Ludum Dare just past (which you can also download here:

In the very near future though (Like over the next week) I'll be posting up my post-mortem for Ludum Dare, along with going through how I made the shader for it.

Well that's that for the moment, my Ludum Dare post-mortem should be out later on today and the video tutorial should be out near the end of the week.