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Developers Post #12: The State of Everything

 First things first I want to apologise, I'm sorry that I didn't put a post up last week. I completely forgot... No really! I did completely forget to write a blogpost last week.

 So that being said I hope you all had a good few weeks and welcome to the 12th developers post.

 The past few weeks have been a mixture of both being busy and not being busy. So it was pretty busy at work with the normal kind of stuff but also going through back through Project Home and start up another project. Other than that I've mainly been grinding my way through Final Fantasy XV, which I have to say for me personally it's fantastic, especially the warping mechanic in battle.

 On to the game development stuff, over the past few weeks (as I said above) I've been going back through Project Home and working things out from where I left it. With that I announcing that I'm going to redo the project codebase from scratch because I'd made a fair few amateur mistakes up to this point (Mainly adding experimental features in and not properly using source control.) The main visuals will stay the same but with the Unity 5.5 update I feel that it would be better to start over than just try to work around what I have.

 Speaking of which I'll also be doing my first 'Origin Story' post at some point next week (along with the normal Developers Post) the origin stories will hopefully give an in-site into why and how a project came to life (in this case A Way Home).

 Another announcement that I need to make is that I'm starting work on an old Ludum Dare project. In fact it's my first Ludum Dare project called Grav Nav, this will be a relatively small game with simple 2D graphics and mechanics for Windows, Mac and maybe linux. 

The Ludum Dare entry can be found here ( if you want to have a look at it, though I'm not to sure it can be played anymore though.

 Speaking of Ludum Dare, I'm going to be entering this one that's coming up. Hopefully I can make a better game than this one (since I see Grav Nav as my best Ludum Dare game so far).

 I better wrap things up here I think, this week we do actually have a theme and since I've been playing FFXV more or less nonstop but also been in a generally reflective and introspective mood I feel that this theme kind of fits really well. This is Somnus by Yoko Shimomura it's one of the songs that really touches my heart when I listen to it along with a few of the other themes with in FFXV.

Anyway I hope you all have a great week.

- Luke.