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Developers Post #14: End of the Year

Welcome to the 14th Developers Post and the final one for the year.

 This was going to be a relatively long post on the year etc but there's a lot and I don't really want to make you read it all on New Years eve/day.

 So the few weeks that I've been away from blogging here I've actually been up to a fair bit of game development work. More specifically on A Way Home, I've now finally settled on a visual style that I feel captures what I'm looking for in the game itself.

 I also have a more solid grounding on the gameplay aspects of the game, as you can see from the test area images above I've actually pulled the activating the nodes from my recent Ludum Dare entry where you have to activate them in a certain order. 

 2017 for me is going to be a relatively busy year especially since I'm planning on moving again where as this time rather than renting, I'll be buying. I'll also be focusing a lot more in the realms of getting A Way Home finished at some point this year, I'm hoping for a release before July but I don't think I'm going to hit that but it's something to work towards.

 In the more short time of the project itself, I should be getting the model for Evangeline done at some point during January along with some things you can buy (Merch etc).

Anyway have a great new year and I'll be back with more developers posts through out the next year as well.

- Luke.