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Ludum Dare #37: A Postmortem

 As you probably know the 37th Ludum Dare has been and gone, I myself participated for the 10th time in a row and released something from it for the 2nd time in a row. I have released stuff in previous ones but I'd been on a streak of not getting anything released at the end of it.

What went good?

 Well the main thing that went really good for me was the theme itself since it was a very versatile  theme, along with the fact that I had a a somewhat good design already down.

Which brings me to my next part... The Design.

 The design for the game itself was very simple obviously so since the theme was 'One Room' so I took that in a very literal sense and actually made one room.

Lastly the actual development went pretty good as well at least for the most part. The coding etc went really well.

What went bad?

 Taking to many breaks and to long breaks. That's it really the whole time management side of things went really bad for this.

How could I improve?

 Well mainly with timing things better and focusing on the actual project rather than getting side tracked with games etc. Along with coming up with more innovative ideas rather than going for more literal ideas.


So from this it's not really my best but also not my worse, there a re good things and bad things for this one, but I'm glad that I managed to at least put out something that is playable even though it was silent and very rushed. 

Basically I need to stop procrastinating and get on with everything.