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Developers Post #11: Building Stuff

Welcome to the 11th developers post.

 This week has definitely been a busy one with very little time to do any game development. Part of the reason for this is because I've had a lack of motivation along with wanting to focus on the conference I was at.

 The conference that I went to was called Build Stuff, it's a software development conference that's been running for 5 years now. The conference is set in Vilnius in Lithuania which is a very beautiful city and I had a lot of fun briefly exploring it (Even though it was really cold - that's certainly something coming from me who resides in the UK.).

 The conference itself was really informative on with the talks and workshops that I went to covering a range of subjects, there were some that really stood out and made a big impression on me. One of which covered the subject of why we as software developers base so much stock in what other people say when deciding what to use and how we do things. The main thing that I took from that specific talk is that there should be academic papers written on why we should use one thing over another.

 The other that really stood out to me was the closing keynote on Friday, it was both really interesting and somewhat intense, in the sense of pushing the limit of my comfort zone. It was a fun sight to see all the developers in the conference dancing and singing (very reluctantly I might add.). The title of the keynote itself was Spectate to Participate and it involved a lot of standing, clapping and dancing.

 The talk itself was very interesting/entertaining since there was a lot of music involved and the subjects covered were more geared towards the philosophical aspects of being a software developer, along with covering things such as quality of life (as a person, not in a software sense.)  and values. More specifically the values part of it made me think of my own and how they are more cemented in me as a result of that talk.

So I'm going to wrap this up now since my flight is landing soon, though by the time you all read this I'll most likely be asleep since I'm very tired.

 There's no theme of the week this week since I haven't really listened to much music at all but in place of that I have a collection some photos that I got while I was there.

Have a brilliant week everyone.

- Luke.