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Developers Post #10: ProcJam Progess (Part 2)

Welcome to the 10th Developers Post.

This week has been pretty productive if I do say so myself, both in work and in game dev. I've been planning something which I feel might be a good idea and looks like it hasn't been done yet.

But more on that next weeks post when I've had more time to plan it out.

 So in regards to game development I've certainly made progress on developing the MVP for my procjam entry, the first part of it is more or less in a playable state and I only need to do the second part before all the tweaking and polish is  to be done.

 I'm pretty sure you're confused about part one and two? Well this is what I mean by it:

Part 1: This is the key gameplay element of Home where you have to do the different games to collect points and get orbs for your pet(s). Currently there are two game-modes and three different levels. But each of the levels have 'nodes' signifying what type of things can be spawned there such as Foliage, Nodes and Orb spawning objects.

Part 2: This is the part that I've wanted to do in a game since I played Sonic Adventure and dabbled about in the Chao Gardens in the game. Basically this will be a virtual pet where you give it the orbs you've collected in the games to boost it's stats and race it against AI (and potentially other pets at some point)

 As you'll be able to see from the images below there were (and are) a few issues the main one for me was the lack of certain orb colours spawning along with orb spawners not does-awning when a new level is loaded.

One of which has been fixed and the other has not...

As you can see things certainly did bug out a bit, though it's fun to see what weird things could happen if you left it or something.

 Since I'm at Build Stuff next week they'll probably be two blog posts one specifically for some bits I've learnt at Build Stuff and the normal developers post with more details on Home (most likely).

Anyway I think it's time to finish up with this weeks theme.

 This theme is a bit heavier than the ones that I've already done, but it certainly has some powerful lyrics in it, the song itself has put a few things that I didn't really understand into perspective and also drives home what I hope I'm like as a person.

This is Our Legacy by While She Sleeps.

Anyway have a great week and I'll see you in the next developers post.

- Luke.