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Developers Post #6: Pre-alpha and Procedural.

Welcome back to the 6th developers post.

 This week in general has been a very good week, thing's are starting to get back on track and  I now have a routine of what I'm going to do for my projects etc. It's also the same outside of game development and project work, I now feel that my life is getting back on the right track since last year and I'm a better person for it. But we'll cover that in another blog post nearer the release of 'A Way Home'.

 Speaking of A Way Home I've finally released some pre-alpha (and very laggy) footage of what I'd like the game to feel like in general. Personally I feel I've hit the mark with how I want it to look, considering it's a stark contrast to the story, both the one that inspired it's creation and the one in game.

 I've also formulated a very rough and probably over exaggerated timeline for this project and it currently looks like it will take me an additional 2 years to complete. It's a pretty long time but it's worth it, especially since this project is really helping me channel my own flaws and very negative emotions into it. It's kind of like therapy this project, instead of lashing out or doing something equally silly I just do this project. Even though this project will be 2 years long I'll be providing regular updates both through twitter and in these posts.

 Something that will be much less than 2 years though will be the upcoming procjam which I plan to start early and try something that I've been looking into for a little while. As you may have guessed at some point or another, I really enjoy doing procedural generation in my games.

So why not do one for Procjam?  

 The idea I'm currently running with is something to do with potion making, but I need to finalise that over the next few days and draw up some designs for it. I'll hopefully be incorporating for Neural Evolution with a Genetic Algorithm into the game, but that depends if I can wrap my head around how to code one.

 So I think I should wrap this up and start designing the game. But before I go, it's the theme of the week. This weeks theme is something I originally heard when I watched hotrod for the for the first time a few years ago. Then got hooked on the song over this week and after I've been hooked. 

The song is Never by Moving Pictures it was originally in Footlose (Which I probably should watch at some point) and also in Hotrod.

 I have to admit I really like the lyrics some parts really hit home with me.

Anyway I'll be back next sunday with another developers post, so have a great week everyone.

- Luke.