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DDP - Birth of a Level Editor

Since moving my latest project from being a prototype to a full on project, I've been pretty busy with designs and getting the project itself of the ground.

That has mainly been sorting out the ever growing To do list and setting the ground work for the Drone and Turret interaction. But I've now also started work on a Level Editor so that players can set up their own levels, along with making it easier for myself to make levels for the game.

This is the first part of the level editor for my current project. Currently it works just places blocks and smoothly (To a certain point.) moves the cursor and camera.

As you can see from the video above it currently only has the basic functions of moving about and placing cubes (Voxels anyone?). But the plan for the next few weeks is to get it to at least be able to save and load levels, along with being able to select what objects to put down.

If you have any suggestions about the level editor or the game itself, or  just want to say what you think.
Then please post a comment and let me know.