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DDP - Slides and Boost Charges

So this weekend has been more retexturing and getting feedback on the pre alpha game. I put the Escape From Infinity - Pre Alpha up here for Feedback Friday, and got a pretty good response from those who had a look and a play. 

In regards to texturing as you will be able to see from the images below I've changed the sky layout with a light blue at the bottom and more dark blue at the top.

So from here my next things that I will be dealing with are:

  • Multiple Ship Textures and Implementing a selection screen for them.
  • Taking from the suggestion by /u/TallonZek over at reddit, I'll be implmenting turns in the level generation.
  • After all of that I'll be tweaking the textures some more, making it look more scifi-ish.

Then after all of that I'll be looking to release Escape From Infinity.