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LD32 - Progress Update #2

So today has been a very productive day for getting all the basics for this game sorted.

I've managed to get the following sorted:

  • Designed and Redesigned the Level.
  • Textured the Level.
  • Got the Main mechanic sorted.
  • Got some basic music sorted.
  • Got the sound FX completed.
  • Got the Splash screen and Title Screen designed.
  • Got scoring and waves sorted.
  • Got the enemy AI sorted.

Things that need doing:

  • The texturing looks bad. (Probably going to use solid colours.)
  • Modelling and Texturing the actual characters and enemies.
  • Add the upper part to the level.
  • Design the Interface style and make a logo.

Things that I may do (If I have time.):

  • Local Highscore chart.
  • Another Level or two.
  • A level randomizer.
  • Add asthetics such as bits of grass etc.
  • Add a Nav Mesh and do proper AI...
  • and many more.

So hopefully I'll get all the things that need doing, done and maybe even get a few of the things I may do, done.