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DDP - Glitchy Cubes Are Glitchy

So today I've been working on Escape From Infinity, by Finishing up the Dev Graphic texture for the tunnel and adding in Stop Cubes. As you can see it matches the rest of the colour scheme though it only is developer textures at the moment.

I then added the Stop Cubes, my plan for these is to have it that everytime you collide with one you permanently lose a fraction of your max speed. At least until you get to a point that the disposal of the level behind you.

When I added the cubes, I had a normal map set up for it to use, but that seemed to have cause some bad artifacts on the mobile screen, so taking a random stab in the dark I removed the normal map from the cubes. Taking the normal maps away seems to have sorted the issue, though it would be something worth looking into.

So after a little bit of work this is now what they look like.