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Testing the Hover Prototype.

So this morning I had came into a spare 10 minutes on my bus ride into work, with that I noticed that I still had the prototype apk on my phone from yesterday.

So I decided to test it.

Test Results:
So with the short amount of time I managed to find two different issues with the prototype, both of which to do with the lack of velocity limits on the ship.

Issue 1: When reaching and passing a certain velocity the ship object itself starts to becomes unstable and starts moving up and down at (seemingly) random intervals.

A really bad drawing of what happens...

A really bad drawing of what happens...

My theory is that when the velocity of the ship becomes too fast, the call that handles the floor detection calls dead on the point where the Part 1 and Part 2 blocks meet. This (in theory) would cause the detection call to not detect a floor there, which then causes the ship to momentarily start to fall. Then the next time the floor detection is called it sees there's a floor there and adds force to move the ship back up to the correct position.

Which is why there is a wave effect after the part between the two blocks is hit.

Issue 2: When the velocity surpasses a certain amount the ships movement surpasses that of the Pickup generation script speed.

This would most likely be because the update script is running less than the physics update script.

That's more or less it really.

How to Fix both of these: So since this is a prototype it doesn't really need fixing, but in an actual game using this kind of hover setup, I will most likely add a limit to the max speed of normal movement and maybe add speed boosts every now and again.

Below are a few images from the test itself. It might not be noticeable of the issues in these screenshots.