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The MiniLD #56 - The Next Game

So it's been about half a month since my last (tiny) post and I'm settling in to my new job really well. Since everything is now set up, it's time to get back to doing 'One Game A Month' it's been a little while since I've done any game dev but that doesn't mean I haven't been coding.

I'm going to be doing a small prototype game per month and work on one of those prototypes to expand it into a larger game for release.

My first game of the year will be for Mini LudumDare #56 and these are the goals and challenges on it:


  • Make the player want to rage quit. (This could be accomplished pretty easily.)


  • Only use 4 colours (No more or no less)
  • Only use 2D (Since I find it easy to work in 3d.)

So by the end of the month I should have a small 2D game that will make people want to rage quit.

Plans and designs on the said game will be done next week...