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LD31 - Completion (and postmortom)

It's been a pretty made do with a project shelved and one completed.

So this is the story, basically I got pretty deep into my previous game with animations etc and realised that I didn't really know enough about them to really do anything. So after much deliberation and internal debate, late lastnight I shelved the project I was working on for LudumDare and started work on another.

This new project is now actually complete for Ludum Dare and I managed to do it all in about 11 hours of solid work with a few breaks in between. To be honest I feel that it shows, though I'm not much of an artist I probably could have done better with the graphics and modeling. I certainly could have added more features in to it and worked on the UI a bit more.

Though it does stick to the Theme of 'Entire Game on one screen.' which to be honest wasn't that difficult to think something up for (though it's not the most creative by far.).

I think that next time I may go in for the 72 hour jam with a team rather than solo it.

Below are a few screenshots of the game and a link to the LudumDare page (which has the play link in there.)

Goto LudumDare Page (Opens in a new Window) :