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LD31 - Prep (Project T)

So over the past couple of days I've been busy on the preperation for #LD31. It's been pretty sparse but I'm getting there with a good prototype for a project next year which is known as Project T.

The image above show the first part of a much larger project where you have to protect your tower from the onslaught of elemental monsters (In this case, the spheres.). The way that this works is that each of the monsters will head towards the tower as if it was a beacon so it uses dumb AI as shown below.

In the release version I may add a more comprehensive AI that would (on certain difficulties) dodge the traps/nodes in the level.

This is a really early prototype and will change by the time the final product is released, that being said if you have any suggestions then feel free to contact me via twitter, or on the contact page.