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LudumDare #31 - I'm in.

As you can see from my blog post over at I'm in on the next LudumDare. ( - This is the blog post.)

So if you don't know that LudumDare is have a look at the website  it shows what single people and teams of people can do in 48 and 72 hours. The games that come out of it really push the boundaries of the theme it's self some even going outside the box of creativity.

The outcome of this will be my Christmas project which I'll aim to release just before Christmas day or new years day.  Then it will be on to my next project which is still undecided on the platform at this stage.

So for those also going in to LudumDare good luck and I look forward to playing the games at the end of it. For those who aren't have a look into it and the games that come out of it they are awesome. 

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